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May 5th, 2010

I went and saw Foreigner play in Hollywood last night. I love hearing some good ’80s rock ;) I saw them in Vegas a couple years ago and Jason Bonham, son of legendary drummer John Bonham, was the drummer. Being a huge Zeppelin fan, it was exciting see him on stage and playing a few licks from his dad’s band.

I’d love to see Journey or Heart someday too. Any ’80s rock fans out there??

XOXO Marisa

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7 Replies to “Foreigner”

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    Mr. Zurkon says:

    I saw Styx, Foreigner, and Kansas a few years ago and it was just incredible. I would absolutely love to see Journey some day (even though I’ve been offered tickets twice and had to turn both occasions down due to work), and I dunno if Brian May is doing Queen tours anymore but I would l die to see them. I missed their tour with Paul Rodgers and have never stopped kicking myself. Love me some classic rock!

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    Carl D. says:

    Marisa, you have often said that you have no ability with musical instruments. Well here’s a thought. How about a speed bag? Brian Tichy uses a speed bag for exercise and as a musical instrument, too! And so can you. Seriously, Foreigner is great but the wellspring of influence has been rock’s greatest: Led Zeppelin.

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    Carl D. says:

    Kashmir on a speed bag!?

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    Juliax says:

    Well, not really an ’80ies fan but I do enjoy listening to some of those for sure. Depends on the mood.

    Foreigner is nice. (I have 3 songs on my list : ‘Hot blooded’, ‘Waiting for a girl like you’, ‘I want to know what love is’)

    Since you mentioned ‘Urgent’ in a recent interview I listened to it too and its pretty good :)

    xoxo Julia

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    angelcicero says:

    Hey Marisa, how are you?
    My name is Angel, and both my wife (Janeen) and I love the way you look! I’ve seen that you have a strong faith in God, so that says a lot of how you are.
    My wife is pregnant right now, and our daughter Annabelle will be born in July, we are really excited!
    Janeen wants to do P90X after the pregnancy, and she wants to look like you!
    That’s all for now…thanks for inspiring us!

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    shell :) says:

    Hi Marisa that is so awesome you saw Foreigner. My parents grew up in the 70′s “dazed and confused” days, so I am familiar with all those bands lol. I love that music as well! I would love to see Journey and Heart if I ever got the chance. I saw The Eagles about a year ago, and they were absolutely amazing. (I know that’s not 80′s rock) but since you mentioned the same type of music I had them in mind.
    thanks for sharing your story with us!

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    RacingGirl says:

    When I was little,dad give me my first birthday present and it was Led Zeppelin casette. I’m only 17 now,and I love Led Zeppelin music :)

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