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May 10th, 2010
Start Something

I’m really excited about this new campaign! It was so much fun to shoot and I hope you like it as much as I do. It was shot at 4 Aces in Palmdale, California by Tom Munro. We shot a lot of great photos and I got to do some riding shots as well. I even brought my dad along and we got to ride together for some of the video. I hope this encourages some of you out there who may be thinking of learning how to ride. I took the Rider’s Edge course and it was really fun and took a lot of the fear away. We even have video of me taking the course, which you will probably see soon.

Check out the link:

Much love,

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11 Comments Posted by Marisa in Photos, Videos

11 Replies to “Start Something”

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    KS1365 says:

    By far the Beast ad campaign EVER!! Thanks!

  2. avatar
    g77 says:

    Great pictures, Marisa!

  3. avatar
    Tetsuya Itoh says:

    Incredible! Cute & Nice Harder
    Marisa is perfect10 all of the World ☆☆☆☆☆

  4. avatar
    meaton13 says:

    The Fire Marshall should have stopped this photo shoot because the gas pump clearly says “no smoking or open flame permitted within 100 feet.” And Marisa, you are SMOKIN’ in all of these pictures!!!

  5. avatar
    Steve127 says:

    Can you redo you website so I can see it on my iPad?

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    Steve127 says:

    I love the no excuses campaign. It makes you think.. Any chance you can give me lessons on riding a Harley?

  7. avatar
    Carl D. says:

    Smokin all the way!

  8. avatar
    juano33 says:

    One word: AWESOME!

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    JohnnyRoy says:

    Hiya Marisa Miller;>)I really loved watching this video that you’ve done for Harley-Davidson at 4 Aces in Palmdale,California;you were as great as your bike young Lady!and…a Real Beauty at that!Take care and always be safe;GodBlessYou&Yours,JohnnyRoy

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    Matt says:

    I think you are now officially the coolest person in the world. Beautiful woman and a beautiful Harley, what more is there in life than that?
    Ugh, I want a Sportster so badly. I don’t have the money for the course or to buy a bike. Once I’m in the Marines though I’m definitely buying a Harley.

  11. avatar
    maria89 says:

    sweet bike!!

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