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August 23rd, 2011
Official SUP Launch

I’m excited to announce my SUP boards officially launched today! They are available at, REI retailers and local surf shops.

Much love,

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11 Replies to “Official SUP Launch”

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    Carl D. says:

    Marisa, you look really great on your paddle board; I’m sure that your SUP line will be a hit. Loved watching you teach Conan the basics of SUP– it was hilarious and you were at your best. How about some photos or a video of your recent surfing vacation? The tropics are heating up…

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    RyaRiot says:

    Hey! I’m from Santa Cruz too! Moved to Atlanta to care for my Mom during the latter part of her cancer. Now I’m in Panama City Beach as a stay at home Mom…. but surfing has always been my happy place. I’m saving up to get a paddle board and am hoping to try out yours! Gotta Support SC!

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    wrey says:

    y0ur paddLe b0ard design is s0 great! I h0pe I will have mine s0meday! ^_^

    Als0, please LIKE 0ur bL0g’s fan page:

    Thank y0u! ϡ

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    johnfuentes says:

    Its awesome sup!!
    You look very nice with your new launched sup boards..
    I love to skin on the water..

    sup boards

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    lilypod says:

    Marisa, I wish I knew your workout regime because you are absolutely stunning! I am a cyclist, but since I don’t have a whole lot of time to work out, I squeeze in an hour of spinning and/or strength training every morning before work, and crank up the intensity as high as I can. I eat as clean as possible, but every few days I might indulge in a cherry danish from a French bakery…

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    ashleyschafer023 says:

    I’m excited about these boards! Hopefully ill have one by next spring or summer :) I work for a business called Lake Affect in Petoskey MI and we are all about paddle boarding. I’m a big fan of you!

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