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December 14th, 2011
Ocean Drive: Behind The Scenes

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4 Comments Posted by Marisa in Videos

4 Replies to “Ocean Drive: Behind The Scenes”

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    Carl D. says:

    Lula is so damn cute– but she doesn’t quite steal the show!

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    Juliax says:

    Agreed ^^ Marisa is still THE star of the show :)

    Thank you so much for the video, nice idea for the shoot.


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    airhead4890 says:

    Thanks for sharing the video and it was great that Lula got into the act as well. Have a Happy Holiday Season; I’ve got to go catch up on my riding;-) (84 days on the ship this go round)

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    SurfButterfly says:

    Love the Video Marisa! The clothes in that covershoot were gorgeous! I want to get my hands on them, u looked beautiful as always:) Happy xmas! xx

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