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December 1st, 2011
Ocean Drive

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7 Comments Posted by Marisa in Photos

7 Replies to “Ocean Drive”

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    Matt says:

    Lovely as always. Really like the first and last photos.

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    Juliax says:

    Hi Marisa,

    woohoo finally :) Love the cover and whole idea for the ed and needless to say, your interviews are always great to read. Thank you and Happy Holidays !


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    PinkCouture says:

    Fabulous editorial. I especially like the photo on pg 215. Thank for sharing. Take care! :)

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    kimberly4plush says:

    Hi Marisa,
    Love that you use natural and organic beauty products. I have made the transition into eating mostly all organic food and slowly transitioning into beauty products. Any suggestions for hair and make up? Im addicted to my NARS bronzer but am looking for a new one that is chemical free.

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    Marisa says:

    Thanks for all the comments! It was a very different editorial for me, so I had fun trying something new!
    Kimberly4plush: Yes, it’s been a huge overhaul cleaning out the chemical-laden products. Right now, I’m loving Josie Maran’s self tanner and powder bronzer.
    Hope it can work for you too.

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    BrightEyes says:

    Hi Marissa
    yeah Miami is cool, really vibrant place to be. I’m not in Miami but close by. Are you in Florida over the holiday this year?

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    someguy says:

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